The Grace and Strength Lifestyle

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The Grace & Strength Lifestyle was created as a ministry to help people achieve health in all areas of their lives.  We specialize in weight loss and empowering individuals to reach their optimal health through the Grace and Strength that God readily supplies to His children.


We achieve this goal with remarkable success by utilizing sound Biblical teaching, a faith filled community of support, and a nutrition program based upon natural foods in their most simple God-given forms.


By using a balanced program, you will be equipped to conquer any spiritual, mental, or emotional strongholds that might be keeping you from freedom.


The Grace & Strength Lifestyle will work for you too.  Global ministry leaders, surgeons, recording artists, construction workers, stay at home moms, and many more have found success through the program.  The Lifestyle is effective regardless of the demands on your day to day life.



The Bible gives many clear guidelines regarding the foods that He designed to nourish our bodies.  Through the Grace & Strength Lifestyle, you will learn to fuel your body for health.
The Lifestyle focuses on energizing your body through real, natural, organic, and life-giving foods.  This nutritional approach avoids the chemicals, additives, and artificial ingredients often found in man-made highly processed foods.

Functional Exercise

The Grace and Strength Lifestyle is not about being good enough.  It is about discovering and becoming your personal best.
Much like proper nutrition, beginning and maintaining a lifestyle of functional exercise will enable you to live the full life that God intended for you.Exercise doesn’t have to be situps and crunches.  We’ll teach you how to make functional exercise something effective and even a little bit of fun.


Core Life Changes

The Lifestyle isn’t about a quick fix.  It’s about making core changes deep within our being that will remain long after we have completed the program.
The changes are NOT easy, and you will only get out of the program what you put into it.  However, the very purpose of this ministry is to equip you with His ‘Grace’ and ‘Strength’ you need to succeed!  We firmly believe that you can do All things through Christ who strengthens you.

Lifestyle Coaching

It’s time to stop trying to do it on your own.  The Grace & Strength Lifestyle utilizes a dynamic and compassionate team of ‘Lifestyle Coaches’ to assist you on your journey.
Through online group meetings and coaching calls, your very own Lifestyle Coach will speak life into you each week.  Additionally, since each coach was at one time also a client, they understand the journey and will be there to build you up and help you back up if you should stumble.


Are you ready to lose weight and find freedom with the Grace and Strength Lifestyle?

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