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The Grace and Strength Lifestyle for Men is a uniquely taylored version of our life changing program for weight loss and total life transformation.


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As men, we have unique challenges within our culture and our bodies that can become a source of continued setbacks when trying to achieve and maintain health.  This is why we have developed the Grace and Strength Lifestyle for Men.

Just think about the phrase ‘man food’ for a second. What comes to mind?

When was the last sporting event you attended were they were serving grilled chicken with a side of steamed vegetables at the concession stand. What a joke, right!

Because men eat things like 1/2 pound burgers with a molten flow of hot melted cheese oozing down the sides. We don’t just like hot dogs. We like foot long hot dogs submerged like submarines in an ocean of steaming chili.

Oh, and you can forget some pansy little version of a steak they strategically call ‘petite sirloin’. Give me the manly sounding 20 ounce porterhouse.

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I want the people at the surrounding tables to stare as they bring the manliest cut of meat in the entire restaurant to my booth and drop it like a slab of concrete onto the table.

Let’s face it, our culture wants us to eat like men who have been out in the woods all day chopping down trees and building log cabins by hand.

Unfortunately, most of us have spent the majority of our day in an uncomfortable desk chair staring at a 20″ computer screen.

This is most definitely NOT the kind of lifestyle that supercharges our metabolism and burns through that Giant Sized McLunch we just consumed.

However, as men, we also have some heavy hitting advantages and strengths in our corner that the Grace & Strength Lifestyle can help you lean into.

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First of all, we’re men. And as men, we like to fight battles and conquer enemies. We just have to focus that drive so that it is your chest swelling after you’ve vanquished another 10 pounds instead of your rotund gut swelling after you’ve vanquished an entire pie… by yourself… at 3:00 in the morning.

Second, as a man, you’ve got muscles. Admittedly, some more than others, but believe me, they’re in there. Those muscles are like calorie assassins. When you begin fueling them properly and activating their real potential, you unleash a weight shredding army that will suck more fat from your man boobs than a liposuction surgeon on crack.

Third, and perhaps most significant of all, is that you’re going to have a team of men that are there to support you. These men have something extremely valuable to share with you. It’s called experience.

Each of our men’s coaches have been through this life changing journey. They understand the unique difficulties that you’re facing.

They have first hand experience with the challenge of asking for help, and let’s face it, that may be one of the toughest things a man will ever have to do.

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So here you are, sitting at a computer, or looking at your phone or tablet and thinking to yourself, “I should really think about doing this someday.” Let’s intercept that fatal mindset right now. ‘Someday’s are the excuses that bring things like diabetes, heart disease, and strokes into our lives.

At the heart of this ministry, we want to empower people to live full and free lives. Don’t put that off.

Make your life a priority today. And if you’re not willing to do that, then make the practical decision for the benefit of the  people who depend on you and hit the connect button at the bottom of this page.

One of our coaches will contact you and tell you how easy it is to begin this journey that will absolutely change your life and have a radical impact on the people you care about the most.

Don’t wait any longer, contact us today.


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