Why did I turn to food, and not to Him?

Michele’s story…

When I started with Grace and Strength Lifestyle in December 2016, I was really struggling with so much more than weight. The weight was just an outward symptom of the spiritual warfare going on in my heart. As a mom with young adult children making young adult decisions, I was in a state of constant worry for the life choices that were being made. We also had adopted our three youngest children with moderate to fairly severe special needs/medical conditions…which filled my schedule with surgeries, therapy, doctor appointments and long hours in the car driving to out-of-town specialists. In just a few short years, my weight had gone from normal to overweight. I was exhausted, depressed and miserable but I did not have the time or energy to do anything about it. A friend with similar life pressures had used Grace and Strength Lifestyle (GSL) to lose weight a few years back and she encouraged me with the way she’d kept the weight off. I just knew I did not have much margin in my schedule to worry about diet and exercise, I needed success and I needed this plan to fit in around my family chaos.

What worked for me right from the beginning was the easy-to-follow protocol…I followed the protocol, I lost the weight…because I didn’t have a lot of food choices at the beginning, I was able to focus my free time on Bible Study and my relationship with God. One of the activities I was given was to make a Vision Board and take a look at what my motivation was to lose weight. Early in the GSL journey, I was woken up at 2 a.m. and was reading my Bible…I came across the verse in 2 Corinthians 10:5 “We take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.” This became my “Why”…instead of turning to negative thoughts that lead me to doubt…I challenged myself to mentally capture and make each thought obedient to Christ. This became a process that had nothing to do with Dieting and Food but Became So Much More Than That!! I was being challenged to get to the very Root of WHY I was turning to Food instead of God for what I needed. What came to motivate me, became my “WHY”, was FOLLOW GOD…this became my driving force that allowed me to remember the passion I had in following Christ….and eventually helped me regain my passion for life. In one of the Bible Studies my coach said, “Embrace the WHY or maintaining the goal will be difficult.” Any other time I’d tried to lose weight, the diet was about numbers on the scale. I was reminded of all the dreams I had back before life got crazy: wanting to be active with my younger kids, travel, and garden and be a fun grandma and most importantly, be active and physically able to fulfill God’s purpose in my life.

The other thought I want to share comes from my journaling after a lesson Coach Anna gave called “Who Am I?’ I wrote:

“When you look in the mirror Who Do You See? The question can be hard, depending on circumstances. When life is good, the answer to the question brings a sense of pride in how I look or in what I can accomplish. When life is hard, looking in the mirror and asking, “Who Do I see?” and what I see is an old woman, battle weary and worthless. So the question itself is made to produce constant self doubt. the question itself puts you into a little boat, pushes you out to sea in sometimes calm, sometimes stormy weather. It’s not a true indication of “Who I see” because I only see how life is going for me.”

“So here is the better question: Not “Who Do I See” BUT “Whose Do I See?” WHOSE AM I?” I AM God’s Child. I am saved by Him, through Him, for HIM…created and predestined before time to do HIS good works. I am not tossed by the storms of life, I am sheltered in the Cleft of the ROCK and He has hidden me there with HIS HAND. My identity is not in being MOM–my identity in CHRIST is being God’s Child.”

As I’ve gone through the program, I gained energy, my joints don’t ache. I sleep better. I’ve found my sense of adventure in life again. My faith in God, His Love for me has been strengthened.

I am very thankful for all I’ve learned and the support Coach Anna gave me as I went through the Grace and Strength program.

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