Grace and Strength Phase 2 Hot Cocoa:  Approved for Phase 2!

Grace and Strength Phase 2 Hot Cocoa: Approved for Phase 2!

I don’t know about where you are, but here in the Northeast US it’s getting cold!!

Some days I just want to curl up by the fire and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa…so I turn to this Grace and Strength approved Phase 2 Hot Cocoa recipe!  It’s yummy and hits the spot when I want something sweet!   I hope you enjoy it, too!


Phase 2 Hot Cocoa

1/2 Tablespoon Dry Cocoa powder (unsweetened)

Chocolate Stevia Drops

Vanilla Stevia Drops

Dash of Salt

1 Tablespoon FF Milk

Cinnamon (optional)

Other flavored Stevia (optional)

Add cocoa powder and salt to your mug.

Pour in hot water and stir (it takes a lot of stirring to get the cocoa dissolved).

Add around 10 chocolate stevia drops and 8 vanilla stevia drops (more or less according to your preference).

If you haven’t had your milk serving for the day, add 1 tablespoon FF milk.

Note that you can make the cocoa without the milk and it’s still really good!


For other variations try adding a little cinnamon with the cocoa powder, or use different flavored stevia drops such as Hazelnut or Raspberry in place of the vanilla!

Without the milk the cocoa does not count toward your daily foods, but you do need to be cautious when it comes to the stevia–too much can affect your losses!



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